Cake Dometic Delibox


DOMETIC delibox


SKU AC0043

The heating box from Dometic, powered by the CAKE bikes battery, points towards the future of food delivery.

Active warming ensures the correct temperature of all food transported.

The DeliBox is equipped with cold plasma surface disinfection technology that reduce bacteria build-up and smell.
Food graded interior guarantees that the inner compartment is approved and safe for food use.

Please note:

To mount the DOMETIC delibox on your Ösa :work a Rear carrier :work is required.

To mount the DOMETIC delibox on your Makka :work a rear carrier :work is required.

Outer dimensions: 500 x 560 x 580 mm / 19.7x22.0x22.8"
Inner dimensions: 425 x 490 x 420 mm / 16.7x19.3x16.5"
Inner volume: 87,5 l
Weight: 18 kg /39.68 lbs