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We an authorized dealer of CAKE - Electric Motorbikes located in St. Petersburg, Florida.


About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish engineered brand leading the category of premium robust utility and light performance electric two-wheel vehicles globally.

"Who needs a car? No parking fines and baskets for my deliveries. So fun to ride, people are smiling and waving wherever I go!"

- Mirja Bozarth Fornell, Owner, Boz Arts
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Ultimate Utility

"Is It an E-Bike? Is it a Motorcycle? It’s the Cake Makka—and It’s Freaking Awesome"
— Mens Journal
"The Ösa+ lies beyond its hauling and errand-running capacity. When the work is done, the Ösa+ is ready to play, and it looks like nothing else out on the road. It’s a unique, intriguing bike that points towards an interesting future in electric motorcycle design."
— Forbes
”The mobile power, you can run things like a laptop, flash bulbs, and other equipment for a pop-up, on-site photo shoot—all without an outlet.”
— Popular Mechanics

Need pedals?

Check out our Helm City Pedal Assist eBike! Sleek, lightweight, and practical, it is a perfect mobility solution for the urban commuter.