Rear light kit (Kalk)


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SKU SP0053

This is the original Kalk rear light kit for street-legal models.

This kit includes:
1 bracket rear light (Kalk V2)
1 bracket light rear
1 bracket rear reflector
1 cellular rubber
1 rearlight
1 reflector rear red
1 silicone rear
2 pcs DIN 985 nylock nut LM6M A4 M6 (M6 nylock nut)
4 pcs DIN 7985 Screw MRT A4 M4x10
2 pcs DIN 965 Screw MFT A4 M4x12
2 pcs DIN 965 Screw MFT A4 M5x20
2 pcs DIN 965 Screw MFT A4 M6x14
1 pcs 12V rear adapter cable

This kit does not include turnsignal and harness.

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit